Opočno - the Heart of Kupka’s native region

The town is said to be a town of history and present, of art and beauty – the hometown of František Kupka and the composer Luboš Sluk. The first known written reference of Opočno can be found in the Kosma’s Chronicle from 1068. The dominant feature and the main attraction of the town is the Renaissance Castle with a chateau, and English park with the game park with fallow deer and moufflon. The castle’s exposition involves richly furnished interiors with very valuable solitaire pieces of furniture, unique collections of paintings, both European and Asian weapons, books and ethnographical objects from Africa and America. The historical centre of the town had been proclaimed an urban conservation area.

František Kupka, the eldest son of a scrivener Wenceslas Kupka and Josephina Kupková, born Špačková, was born on 23rd September 1871 in this small town in East Bohemia. A memorial tablet commemorating Kupka’s personality is placed on his parental house, number 6 in Zámecká Street. The Culture Festival of František Kupka has been held here since 2005 which commemorates his work and importance.