The world-famous prose-writer, essayist, translator and exile publisher Josef Škvorecký was born in Náchod. It is also the birthplace of Jan Letzel who spent most of his creative and professionally successful life in Japan. Hiroshima's Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall (today known as the A-Bomb dome) built in the years 1913 – 1915 is his most famous building. It survived the atomic bomb explosion in 1945 and its wrecks are the symbol of cruelty of World War Two to this day.

Art Gallery in Náchod

The Art Gallery in Náchod displays Czech art, publishes books about it and supports the contemporary local artists. It also focuses on Russian art of the 19th and 20th century – the Russian collection is presented every odd year from March to October. The interiors of the Gallery adapted for wheelchairs rank among the most impressive in the Czech Republic.

Smiřických 272, 547 01 Náchod

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fax: +420 491 423 245