Hradec Králové

The town lies at the confluence of the Rivers Elbe and Orlice, approximately 100 km east of Prague. The present appearance with its wide streets, spacious squares, greenery and beautiful embankment were created by the prominent Czech architects of the 20th century, particularly by Jan Kotěra and Josef Gočár. Since the interwar period, this unique urban complex of modern Czech architecture with outstanding sights has been justly promoting the nickname ‘salon of the Republic’.

Hradec Králové - the Salon of the Republic

The Museum of East Bohemia

The monumental building of the museum, which is a national heritage site, was built during the years 1909 – 1912 according to the project of the architect Jan Kotěra.

Two historical exhibitions can be seen in the museum – ‘Royal City at the Confluence’ and ‘From Citadel to the Salon of the Republic’. The first one gives an overview of the town’s development, from the beginnings of its settlement to the construction of the military citadel; the latter represents the history of Hradec Králové architecture from the 1st half of the 18th century to World War Two.

Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Kralove

With its major collection of high-quality art, the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové ranks among the most important galleries in the Czech Republic. You can find here an exposition including almost two hundred and fifty art works from the turn of the 19th and 20th century up to contemporary art; works with the elements of Art Nuveau, expressionism and cubism, social output of the 20’s, imaginative painting, various representations of geometrical abstraction up to new figuration and postmodernism. František Kupka is represented here by his cycle of woodcuts ‘Four stories in black and white’.

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