When František Kupka finished his studies he started to learn the saddler’s profession. But he was rather interested in painting. The former mayor Josef Archleb noticed his talent and it was his incentive and contribution that made it possible for young František to start art studies. Some of his first works remained in the town of his childhood and youth. Today these works are displayed at the permanent exhibition called Youth of František Kupka which you can see in the historical Town Hall. In 2008, Kupkas’s monument, a work of the academic sculptor Zdeněk Kolářský, was dedicated in front of the school bearing his name.

town of Kupka’s Childhood

The most important sights of Dobruška includes the Renaissance Town Hall with the exposition of the capital law. Mikve, the Jewish ritual purgatory bath, is accessible in the town museum. Visitors can also enter the parental house of František Ladislav Hek, a patriotic writer whose career was compiled by Alois Jirásek in his novel F. L. Věk. The holy Spirit Church built in the Renaissance style is the beauty-spot and dominant both of the town and the town’s surroundings.