Following Traces of František Kupka – the Pioneer of Abstract Painting

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Museum Kampa was established in the unique historical building of Sova’s Mills. The local exposition of František Kupka represents one of the most important collection of his works.

Art of the 20th and 21st Century in Veletržní Palace ranks among the permanent exhibition of the National Gallery in Prague. Veletržní Palace exhibits Kupka’s paintings from the beginning of the 20th century.

Hradec Králové

With its major collection of high-quality art, the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové ranks among the most important galleries in the Czech Republic. František Kupka is represented here by his cycle of woodcuts ΄Four stories in black and white΄.


Opočno is the hometown of František Kupka. A memorial tablet commemorating Kupka΄s personality is placed on his parental house, number 6 in Zámecká Street.


Some of his first works remained in the town of his childhood and youth. Today these works are displayed at the permanent exhibition called Youth of František Kupka which you can see in the historical Town Hall. In 2008, Kupkas΄s monument, a work of the academic sculptor Zdeněk Kolářský, was dedicated in front of the school bearing his name.


At the Craft΄s school in Jaroměř he attends painting lessons of professor Studnička who prepares him for the entrance exams for the Prague Academy of Arts.


The Art Gallery in Náchod displays Czech art, publishes books about it and supports the contemporary local artists. The interiors of the Gallery rank among the most impressive in the Czech Republic.

František Kupka

The Czech Republic, a country with rich history and traditions, can be proud of its famous personalities. František Kupka, the world-known painter and pioneer of abstract painting, ranks among them. Let us show you round the places connected with his life and work.

Biography of František Kupka


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    Hradec Králové Region expanded its PR portfolio by DVD version of the film „František Kupka, symphonist of colour and painter of the cosmos“, directed by Daniela Gébová.

  • Travellers guide - 24. 7. 2009

    Hradec Králové Region issued a new travellers guide „ Following traces of František Kupka – the pioneer of abstract painting" in July. The guide aims to become product of so-called "cultural tourism".